Wrecking Agile For $40 per hr


I’m sure most of us in the Agile space have had the call from an off-shore office with a job request for an Agile Coach or something resembling it.  It usually gets mixed up in some crazy Wagafall or Wagile way. Today I got the best or maybe the worst ever from a company called Mastech […]

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Why Do We Fail So Often?


Standing up a scrum team is easy.  Calculating velocity, estimating story points, writing bad stories, doing the daily standup are all just a tiny part of agile. It’s all the other stuff surrounding the Agile teams that makes it really work. About 70% of Agile implementations fail miserably.  They end up as Agifall or Wagile […]

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Why We’re Doing This


This is the first in a series of blogs about why we can but mostly can’t get Agile right. I want to create an ongoing conversation about how companies win and fail implementing Agile. The goal is to have a site where we can all share in the success and learn from it. What’s the root […]

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