Thoughts On Agile

What is your current impression of Agile?

Success rates increase exponentially for Agile when the customer is involved at the birth of the product or application.

What are the biggest problems that arise when a company takes the plunge into Agile?

The 3 Cs—Culture, Culture, Culture. Or lack thereof………..

How do you deal with the resistance to change that seems to be inherent in an Agile transformation?

The Agile Coach must show teams and leadship what success looks like:

  • Give them a real-world example of companies who have leading products and are leading in their space
  • Have them talk to customers
  • Show them data on what customers want
  • Be able to mentor team members individually

What are the challenges that you see for the future in the Agile space?

The dilution of discipline and the attempt to make Agile easy or comfortable. This is especially evident regarding the Product Owner role, the customer interface for product demos and automation for testing.  The common winge “it’s too expensive and we’re not ready”.

What makes a great Agile Coach?

An expert in the Agile toolbox and has a great understanding of business. An out-of-the-box thinker; yet one who is strategic, objective, and pragmatic. A great facilitator who can stand back for the details of the project, but also keep the teams moving using Agile.